Cosmetic Services

Our experience with woman's health has given our practice uniques insight into how important beauty is for our patients. Your beauty is important to us. We offer the latest technologic advances with 4d ultrasound, laser and Tumescent anaesthesia to achieve the safest and best results for our patients with minimal downtime in an affordable not threatening environment.

How can we do that?

In our botox/filler practice, we have refined the "subtle look". You do not need 20 injections and so much product to look great. Our results are great and affordable with efficient use of Botox and Cosmetic Fillers. We are trained and certifed in the use of Botox and Radiesse and are listed on their websites. We offer these innovation in cosmetics to our patients in the safest, best and most affordable way. Please contact us at (212) 249-6709 or by e-mail for a free consultation.