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If you suffer from chronic pain, you’ve likely tried every prescription and over-the-counter medication there is to gain some relief. Constant use of these drugs can have lasting and serious side effects. What’s the answer? Medical marijuana and its derivative Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, a natural extract from the hemp plant, reduces chronic pain and inflammation without the side effects of medications produced by the drug industry. Dr. Jovanovic, OBGYN & Cosmetic Surgery on the Upper East Side in New York City, New York, can treat your chronic pain using CBD oil. Don’t wait another day to get relief from debilitating chronic pain. Call or book an appointment online for a consultation with Dr. Jovanovic today to see if you are a good candidate.

Chronic Pain Q & A

Why do I have chronic pain?

Chronic pain usually starts with an injury or a health condition. Back pain is one of the most common causes of chronic pain. Arthritis, muscle or ligament strain, or herniated discs cause back pain. Knee pain is also very common -- playing sports can lead to ACL repairs or tendonitis in the knee, or you can simply twist the wrong way and tear tissue.  Arthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis (rotator cuff tear) are shoulder complaints that can produce chronic pain, especially as we age.

Also, there are many painful gynecological conditions: endometriosis, adenomyosis, dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, chronic pelvic pain to name a few. These abnormal conditions can make intercourse impossible and regular life miserable. They can all be treated by CBD--and your sexual function returns to normal.  

Usually, once an injury heals, the pain disappears. But with chronic pain, you keep hurting long after the injury. If you’ve had pain that lasts for three to six months or more, you have chronic pain.

How can pain last this long?

Pain comes from sensors at the site of an injury that sends a message through your nerves to your brain, which processes the message as pain. When the injury heals, normally the sensors stop sending a signal through your nerves. With chronic pain, the nerves keep sending signals to your brain--even after body tissue has healed.  

What is in CBD hemp oil that helps with chronic pain?

Cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant. It has high concentrations of cannabidiol, one of the safe chemicals in the marijuana plant, and only trace amounts of THC, which is the substance in marijuana that affects the mind and is present in street drugs. CBD is non-psychotropic, meaning it won’t make you high like regular marijuana. It is a safe alternative to marijuana with real benefits if you suffer from chronic pain.  

Researchers have studied whether CBD helps ease chronic pain. They have conducted meta-analyses and have concluded that there is “substantial evidence” that cannabis is effective in treating chronic pain.

What are the benefits of using CBD hemp oil to ease chronic pain rather than traditional treatment with medication?

Researchers find that you don't build up a tolerance to CBD as you do with many prescription pain-relief medications. Evidence of addiction to pain-relieving opioids is now widespread, so it's important to explore non-addictive alternatives.