How BTL Emsella Helps With Urinary Incontinence

How BTL Emsella Helps With Urinary Incontinence

There are several different types of urinary incontinence, but they all come down to the same thing: involuntary urine leakage. By far, the most common type of urinary incontinence is stress incontinence, which is when you leak a bit of urine when you cough, sneeze, lift something heavy, or otherwise put stress on your bladder. 

Dr. Radoslav Jovanovic and Dr. Kevin Jovanovic have treated many patients who thought urinary incontinence was simply a fact of aging, but were pleased to find that’s not the case. You don’t have to live with urinary incontinence. Effective treatments, such as BTL Emsella, are available. 

Urinary incontinence

Anyone can experience the involuntary loss of urine, but urinary incontinence is most common among women over the age of 50. According to the Office on Women’s Health, more than four in 10 women aged 65 and older have urinary incontinence. 

There are two broad categories of urinary incontinence: stress incontinence and urge incontinence. Urge incontinence is usually when you have a sudden, intense urge to urinate, followed by involuntary urination, often before you can make it to the restroom. 

Urinary incontinence is often a result of weak pelvic floor muscles. These muscles serve as a sort of hammock that supports your pelvic organs, including your bladder. When your pelvic floor muscles are weak, it’s much more difficult for your bladder to control when you release urine. 

Pelvic floor muscles can become weakened through childbirth, after menopause, or due to aging. BTL Emsella is a treatment that helps to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. 

BTL Emsella

BTL Emsella is a completely noninvasive treatment, which means you don’t even need to endure a needle stick. In fact, all you do is sit on a special chair that emits electromagnetic energy. 

The electromagnetic pulses cause your pelvic floor muscles to contract. The contractions retrain your muscles and help to strengthen them. Several studies have confirmed that the majority of patients treated with BTL Emsella experience a significant reduction in incontinence occurrences. 

You can feel your muscles contracting during the treatment, but it’s not painful, nor do you require recovery time. You can immediately return to your normal activities. 

Number of treatments

Dr. Jovanovic designs a treatment plan for you based on your specific situation, so the number of treatments you need may vary compared to someone else. For most people, though, each session is about 30 minutes, and usually six sessions provide the desired results. Generally two sessions per week is the advisable schedule. 

You may notice results after the first session, but just as you won’t develop bodybuilder biceps after one workout, your pelvic floor muscles will likely require several sessions in order to become strong enough to fully restore continence. 

Don’t live with discomfort

Even though urinary incontinence is common, it’s not normal, and you don’t have to just live with it. Schedule an appointment today at our New York City office to find out more about BTL Emsella as well as other treatment options. 

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