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Get a Jump on Your Weight with Our Clean Start Weight Loss® Program

Obesity is a rising public health concern. Being overweight or obese increases your likelihood of developing a plethora of life-threatening conditions, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, sleep apnea, and many others. 

Here at our office on New York City’s Upper East Side, Dr. Kevin Jovanovic and Dr. Radoslav Jovanovic offer a program that can help you get a jump on weight loss: Clean Start Weight Loss®. This innovative program gives you the opportunity to reset your appetite and your metabolism, leading you to a new normal weight with fewer cravings. 

Protect your health 

Maintaining a healthy weight can help you avoid numerous health problems. For example, being overweight is associated with the following conditions, among others: 

And carrying around extra pounds doesn’t only affect your physical health. It can also make you feel tired, moody, and irritable. Losing weight improves both your physical and mental health.

Medical supervision gives you additional tools

You’ve probably read that the key to weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume, and at its very core, that’s true. However, it doesn’t take into account things like hormonal shifts, cravings, deficiencies, or other health factors that have an impact on your ability to burn more calories than you consume. 

When you work with Dr. Jovanovic to lose weight, you’re embarking on a medically supervised weight loss journey. This means that your overall health is a consideration, and that if you need nutritional supplements or prescriptions for appetite suppressants, you can get them. 

The Clean Start Weight Loss program allows Dr. Jovanovic to design a weight loss program that’s tailored to your specific needs, whether those needs include medications, injections, or nutrition information. 

What to expect

We’ll discuss your medical history, and you’ll undergo a full medical exam that includes labs. This way Dr. Jovanovic will know that the program is safe for you, as well as which elements are likely to be the key to your success.

Most patients receive lipotropic injections that help your body burn fat more efficiently. You may also receive vitamin injections.

One of the most important aspects of the program is that it doesn’t include prepackaged foods. Instead, you learn how to eat real foods to promote better health and natural weight loss. We provide a shopping list and a cookbook to help you get started. 

The Clean Start Weight Loss program also includes a great deal of educational material to help you learn how to maintain your weight loss for life. By learning more about consuming an appropriate diet, as well as having your metabolism reset so that it functions properly to burn fat instead of muscle, you have the tools you need to maintain a healthy weight and enjoy the many health benefits that brings. 

Are you ready to learn more? Book an appointment with Dr. Jovanovic. You can schedule online or call us at 347-589-8018. We’re happy to answer your questions.

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