How Medical Weight Loss Works

If you need to lose weight, you’re not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), four in 10 American adults were obese in 2017-2018. Many chronic and life-threatening conditions are associated with obesity. 

Dr. Kevin Jovanovic and Dr. Radoslav Jovanovic frequently counsel patients who are overweight or obese on the dangers those extra pounds pose to their health. In order to help you lose weight, we offer a medical weight-loss program. Wondering how medical weight loss works? Keep reading!

The comfort of a medical professional

One of the reasons it’s so difficult for many people to lose weight is that there’s an enormous amount of conflicting information out there about what you should eat, whether you should exercise, supplements, calorie counting, and anything else related to weight loss. And, a great deal of it is backed by research. How do you know what you should do? 

When you participate in a medical weight-loss program, it means that a medical professional is providing guidance throughout your weight-loss journey. You get medical advice regarding what to eat, how much to eat, what kind of exercise you should do, and answers to any questions that come up during your weight-loss phase. 

Based on you

Besides having the guidance of Dr. Jovanovic as you progress, you’ll also be following a program tailored to you. We do blood work at the outset so that if you have nutritional deficiencies we can recommend appropriate supplements, and alert you of anything you should be aware of, such as high cholesterol or other issues.

We work with you to develop a customized weight-loss program that works in the context of your life. Medical weight loss isn’t about deciding which meal to replace with a shake. It’s about making sure that you eat nutritious foods in the right amounts for your body. 

Real food

Don’t expect us to ask you to buy prepackaged foods, miracle pills, or other “cures” that you’ve probably encountered in the diet industry. Instead, we help you lose weight while eating food that is available in most grocery stores. 

By focusing on real food, we help you learn how to eat for life, instead of just while you’re participating in a weightloss program. 

Tools to help you succeed

When you participate in our doctor-supervised weight-loss program, you have the benefit of medical advice, you’re accountable through your check-ins with us, and you have a plethora of tools at your disposal. 

For example, we can offer prescription medications or injections if you need them. We provide you with a guidebook for the program, a food journal, a set of tip sheets, and a cookbook to help you succeed in your weight-loss journey. It’s much more than a typical diet.

If you’re ready to learn more, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jovanovic today. You’re ready to reclaim your health and we’re ready to help.

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