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Improving Sexual Gratification with the G-Shot®

Would you like to improve your sexual gratification? If you’re already enjoying sex, do you wonder what it might be like to take it up a notch? If your answer to either question is yes, you may want to learn about a revolutionary new treatment, the G-Shot®.

How does it work?

The G-shot is also known as G-Spot Amplification (GSA), and it’s an injection that increases the size and thickness of your G-spot. The injection consists of a formula that includes hyaluronic acid, and is similar to the injections used to plump lips and smooth wrinkles in other cosmetic applications.

When your G-spot is bigger, it’s easier to find, and there’s more area to be stimulated. It also changes the position of your G-spot slightly, again, making it easier to access. If you think your sex life is sizzling now, just imagine what the G-shot could do for you!

Does it hurt?

If the idea of a shot in in your G-spot seems unbearable, don’t worry. Dr. Jovanovic and their staff want you to be completely comfortable during your treatment. Before the G-shot, you’ll get a lidocaine injection to numb the area.

After the procedure you may have some slight bleeding, but you’ll be able to have sex that night if you want.

How long does it take to get the G-shot?

You can have the procedure done during your lunch break. The actual injection only takes a few seconds, but the first time you have the G-shot, Dr. Jovanovic provides a consultation and takes measurements. This means your next appointment will be even quicker, because you won’t need measurements taken after the first injection.

How long will the G-shot last?

You’ll enjoy the effects of the shot for up to 6 months if you’re like most women. In a study commissioned by the doctors who pioneered the shot, 87% of the participants reported enhanced sexual gratification for up to 4-6 months after having it.

In its earliest days, the G-shot was only available in one office in Hollywood. Demand grew quickly, and women were flying in from all over the world to have the procedure. Eventually, the doctors who pioneered the treatment began training others to administer it.

Dr. Kevin Jovanovic is certified by the original doctors to administer the G-shot. He has thorough training and extensive experience. You’ll be as comfortable and as safe as possible during the procedure.

Any injection involves some risks, however, most doctors agree that the procedure is safe. Hyaluronic acid is used in other products for sensitive areas such as your lips and around your eyes, and no serious complications have been reported among the many women who have already had the G-shot.

If you’d like to learn more about the G-shot and to find out whether you’re a candidate or not, book an appointment with Dr. Jovanovic. He’s happy to provide a consultation and discuss your specific situation with you. Call our office on the Upper East Side in New York City or click the “book online” button to schedule.

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