Is CBD Hemp Oil Right for Me?

Is CBD Hemp Oil Right for Me?

Living with chronic pain means adjusting your activities to your pain level at any given time. Do you have plans for a special dinner? Chronic pain is no respecter of reservations! How many plans have you cancelled because you physically could not see them through? 

Treating chronic pain can be difficult. You need a pain management plan that works and that doesn’t carry unacceptable risks or uncomfortable side effects. Dr. Kevin Jovanovic and Dr. Radoslav Jovanovic find that many patients with chronic pain respond well to adding CBD hemp oil to their pain management plan. 

Cannabidiol explained

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it’s a compound found in cannabis, which is also known as marijuana. It is not, however, the same as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the compound in cannabis that produces a feeling of being “high.” The two substances affect different receptors in your brain. 

In fact, your own body produces cannabinoids. They are called endocannabinoids, and they regulate certain functions like sleep, immune system response, and pain. 

CBD is complex. It doesn’t make you high or impair your ability to function. Instead, it enhances your body’s ability to use endocannabinoids. It may help your body regulate pain, lower inflammation, and reduce insomnia. 

Controversy around CBD

To some degree, any controversy surrounding the use of CBD has to do with people not understanding the difference between THC and CBD. Most people think of marijuana when you mention CBD, but it can be derived from industrial hemp. In fact, hemp usually has a higher concentration of CBD than marijuana. 

Another area of potential controversy lies in the area of research. Because CBD has a murky legal status in some places, there haven’t been as many studies on how it works as would be ideal. 

Research that’s been conducted shows some people have mild side effects such as nausea, fatigue, or irritability. Studies also show that CBD may interact with some medications, but it’s safe as long as it’s unadulterated. 

Because CBD is sold as a supplement rather than a medication, the market is far less regulated. We strongly recommend that our patients get CBD oil from us rather than a retailer because we vet our sources, so you’re using a safe, high-quality product. 

CBD and chronic pain

One area of research has been the effect of CBD on chronic pain. One report that summarized the findings of many previous studies found that cannabis may be a viable option for chronic pain. Research seems to confirm the safety of CBD in humans, although more long-term trials are needed. 

Our suggestion to patients with chronic pain is to try CBD hemp oil to find out if it’s helpful. If it is, and you tolerate it well, it may be a useful addition to your pain management plan. 

Do you have questions? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jovanovic today to discuss your specific situation and learn more about the potential benefits of CBD oil. 

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