The Amazing Benefits of 4D Ultrasound

There are a few landmark prenatal visits that you’re likely to find exciting. For example, the first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat is an exciting moment. Another hallmark prenatal experience is getting an ultrasound. Dr. Kevin Jovanovic and Dr. Radoslav Jovanovic are happy to offer you the advantage of a 4D ultrasound

There are several factors to consider when you’re deciding which kind of ultrasound will be best for you, and we’re happy to guide you through the decision-making process. This post outlines a few of the benefits of having a 4D ultrasound. 

What is a 4D ultrasound?

The traditional ultrasound provides a flat, two dimensional image. It’s often blurry and your doctor shows you the outlines of your baby. A 3D ultrasound provides an image that is more like a photograph. 

A 4D ultrasound goes one step farther. It’s a series of images, taken very close together that allow you to see your baby moving. You may see them stretch, yawn, or even suck their thumb. 

It’s a detailed image 

There’s no more detailed image of a baby before birth than that provided by a 4D ultrasound. Even small problems, like a cleft palate, can be spotted with a 4D ultrasound. 

You’ll be able to observe movements like blinking or moving their fingers. Whereas a 2D image appears more “fetus-like” a 4D image is clearly a more “baby-like” image. You may even be able to detect a resemblance to someone in your family. 

It’s almost an exam of your baby

Because there is so much detail in a 4D image, Dr. Jovanovic can examine your baby from head to toe. He can count all 10 fingers and all 10 toes, and also make sure that they’re moving as they should be. 

Although the result of a 4D ultrasound is a startlingly detailed, moving image of your baby, there aren’t any extra steps to the procedure. It works like a traditional 2D ultrasound, but thanks to the cutting-edge technology available in our office, you go home with a CD and far more revealing images of your baby. 

You get to keep the images

You’re not limited to seeing the images on a screen in our office, either. With a 4D ultrasound package, you get to take home a CD that looks much like a video of your baby moving, as well as several 3D still images saved to the CD. 

Sometimes 4D ultrasounds are called “keepsake ultrasounds,” and you do end up with a keepsake; however, the detail of the images provides important medical information, too. The keepsake is like a bonus to go with your peace of mind. 

You still need prenatal care

An ultrasound is just one part of good prenatal care. Dr. Jovanovic and our staff keep you apprised of how often you need to come to our office. Regular prenatal appointments keep you and your baby healthy and give you the opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have. 

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Jovanovic’s prenatal services or our ultrasound packages, or if you have questions, please book an appointment today. You can book online, or you can call our office at 347-589-8018, and we’ll be happy to get you scheduled.

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