Why the LipoPulse Laser Tummy Tuck Is Superior to a Standard Tummy Tuck

Are you healthy, but unhappy with the appearance of your abdomen? If you’ve experienced excessive weight gain and loss, or childbirth, there’s a good possibility that your abdominal wall isn’t shaped the way you’d like it to be. You may have excess skin, wrinkled skin, or stretch marks no matter how much you exercise or how meticulous your diet is.

Traditionally, the solution has been a tummy tuck. However, a tummy tuck is a relatively major surgery with some risks. Those risks are reduced significantly with a revolutionary procedure called LipoPulse Laser Tummy Tuck, offered at the office of Dr. Jovanovic, OBGYN & Cosmetic Surgery. Following are some of the benefits of the LipoPulse Laser Tummy Tuck as compared to a traditional procedure.

A different kind of anesthesia

One of the major differences between the two procedures is the type of anesthesia used. With a traditional tummy tuck, you’re under general anesthesia, which indicates a longer, more difficult recovery for most people.

With LipoPulse, we use tumescent anesthesia where your abdomen is filled with liquid that contains lidocaine and epinephrine, among other components, to create localized anesthesia. It’s safe, approved by the FDA, and requires less recovery time than general anesthesia.

The use of tumescent anesthesia also creates vasoconstriction, which means your blood vessels contract so that you experience far less blood loss during the procedure. Traditional tummy tucks are associated with heavy blood loss and sometimes require blood transfusions.

Since you’re awake during the procedure, you can stand up. That may not seem important, but it means that Dr. Jovanovic can more accurately see the shape and size of the skin that’s being removed. There’s no guesswork, and you end up with the contour you want.

Less trauma

Overall, LipoPulse is less traumatic for your body than a traditional tummy tuck. The lessened blood loss is one reason, along with the type of sedation, but there’s also less tissue damage.

During a traditional tummy tuck, the blood supply to your skin is cut off during the procedure, which can lead to skin necrosis or skin death. A LipoPulse procedure is faster, your blood supply isn’t compromised, and there’s much less risk of skin necrosis.

A better scar

Because your incisions are made by a laser during a LipoPulse procedure, they’re generally smaller, neater, and less noticeable than those made during traditional tummy tuck procedures. Your scar will also be lower, just at the top of your pubic area, so less visible.

A LipoPulse Laser Tummy Tuck is a less invasive procedure that produces superior results. If you’re considering a tummy tuck, book an appointment online or by phone and discuss your goals with Dr. Jovanovic. You may be surprised to learn that you can get the results you want, and often for far less money.

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